Laptop/Desktop Repairs

Desktop/Laptop Repairs

Laptop , Desktop Repairs

if your computer is keep crashing, blue screen error or maybe the hard drive is corrupted or damage and etc, we can repair it to bring your computer back on life.
We  diagnose your computer to find out which of the part needs to be replaced or fixed. We have latest devices and equipment to hit right on the target of the problem. If you like us to proceed with the repair, we aim to fix problem on site otherwise, Engineer will bring in to our fully equipped repair lab located in Punchbowl to fix the problem. You will be keep updated with the progress of your computer.

Software Issues

A slow computer, Pop Ups and strange messages can be frustrating but with our same day software repair service you don’t need to worry about anything. We run the complete checkup of your computer and kill all unwanted programs.

If your computer is full of junk and operating very slow, With the help of our engineer any software issue can be resolved including Windows boot up, Blue Screen, File missing, Installation problem, operating system and many more.

Hardware Issues

We fix all kind of brands, some of the most demanding hardware service is listed below:

  • Screen Fix
  • Hard Drive Fix
  • Power Jack Fix
  • Over Heating Fix
  • Key Board Replacement
  • Power Button Broken
  • Dim Screen Light
  • Laptop Dropped
  • Water Damage

Data Recovery :

Techvisor offers FREE Diagnostic evaluation and have a policy of No Fox No Fee

Data – No Fee! We use latest equipment and data recovery software to recover your important documents and any data you have lost. When you require the most successful data recovery service and quick turnaround, we have the best and disaster data recovery knowledge, the safest, quickest technology available, and economical pricing.

Data recovery techniques involve extensive range of knowledge and need highly computer skills. Data recovery requires a advance level of understanding of problems with hard disks such as firmware programming, electronics, mechanical engineering and machine-code computer programming. We have very high success rate of Data recovery. To recover the data, Engineers needs to target the right area of the hard drive. If hard drive not been targeted at right point can damage hard drive badly which leaves almost no chance to recover anything.

Data Recovery Is the process of recovering data from damaged, failed, corrupted, noisy, crackling or inaccessible storage media when it cannot be accessed normally, we have to use way around to bring your important stuff back.

Virus Removal :

A Computer Virus can slow down your computer and corrupt your operating system. many viruses must exploit security bugs in system or application software to spread. Virus can be so dangerous to your computer as it may expose your personal information to cyber criminals and delete your important files. Spyware, Spamware and pop ups are really harmful for your computer as they work silently and send all the information to the third party which can be used for marketing purposes.

Computer infected with a virus can be identified easily, as common symptoms are unexpected freezing, blue screen error, slow computer, popup messages, funny images and finally operating system crashes.

We strongly recommend if your computer is infected, try to keep it off and don`t use until engineer gives you green signal. As you know in computer world through virus your banking details and any financial information can be transferred to unsafe hands.

Laptop Screens Repair

We at Techvisor providing genuine screen so you can have better and long lasting display of your laptop. We are quick enough to fix your screen on-site and leave your laptop with nice and lovely display.
Techvisor is working hard to provide quick and efficient service, as we understand the emergency and those of us who get home late or work late night in the office can have our engineer down to their premises to fix the broken laptop screen.

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