Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Why biometric? Using biometrics to verify identity means using a physical characteristic such as face, voice or fingerprints to authenticate an individual’s claimed identity. Fingerprint matching is by far the most successful biometric technology because of its ease of use, non-intrusiveness and reliability. Fingerprints consist of ridges  and valleys formed in complex patterns that are unique for every person and thereby provide an optimal verification method.

Benefits of a Biometric System
  • Convenient in usage.
  • Accurate data – No “buddy punching”.
  • Contactless (face recognition).
  • Provides a complete monitoring system Easy data management
Efficient Data Collection and Automation

Time Logger automates the process of workforce attendance  data collection and seamlessly integrates it with time clocking terminals to eliminate ‘buddy-punching’ occurrences and to collect time data.

    • Automates the process of data collection, eliminates mistakes,reduces time spent processing timesheets & payroll data, andeliminates intentional errors & dishonesty in the system such as‘buddy-punching’.
    • Offers vital real-time data monitoring features.
    • Collects data from remote terminals connected via LAN, WiFi,GPRS, Internet or WAN effortlessly
    • Obtains transactions logs and user information using PUSHtechnology and automatically centralizes it into MySQL or MsSQL
    • Intelligently identifies the users’ clocking nature, be it clock-in /out,lunch-in/out, tea break-in/out, OT and etc. without the need forusers to key in any codes into the terminals
    • Supports up to an outstanding 999 units of time clockingterminals in one centralized system
    • Eliminates paper-based and tedious Excel timesheets
Flexible and Accurate Time Attendance Processing

Time Logger is a flexible, easy to use, and is apt to handlecomplex time attendance rules and policies imposed by most organizations.

  • Auto synchronizes the time between the terminals and the server for reliable clocking data
  • Manages total working hour calculation of preset hourly rate as well as monthly salary as a reference for minimum wage ordinance
  • Allows simple to complex clocking schedules, multiple shift,rotational shift and overnight shift settings of up to 1000 types
  • User configurable table format for attendance and raw data export
  • Multi-office time attendance management, simultaneous data editing in different branches, for example, duty roster setting bybranch, time zone setting, and so on
  • Provides web based interface for branch management, HR, admin,and other staff to access the system without having to install several local systems
  • Web-based Holiday system and auto configuration for normal national holidays
When mankind starts to time, the value tends to multiply.

The ultimate solution to accurately timing and payroll based on  biometric systems for time attendance, access control & online identification
A perfect solution for your employee management needs

Fingerprint Time Attendance System

TimeLogger time attendance biometric models are ideal for most companies that are looking to track, monitor, and analyze staff attendance effectively. Sturdy in design, all the models come with a complimentary copy of the comprehensive attendance software, TimeLoggerServer , or it can be used with the changeable applications, TimeLogger Web and TimeLogger Cloud, for more elaborate and extensive management features.

User Management

Manage Workers for Optimum Productivity

Organize employee profiles easily with user- friendly interface

  • Categorize employees into departments and sub- departments
  • Group employees based on their working hours

Device Central Management

Set up a maximum of 999 terminals without much hassle in one centralized system

  • Choose to include or exclude terminals based on requirements
  • Identify locations and models for easy terminal management


View & Edit Detailed Attendance Activities on a Sheet

  • View, access and edit data in the attendance sheet as necessary
  • Allow administrators to correct attendance mistakes directly with relevant remarks

Schedule Clocking Activities to Fit To Your Requirement

Tailor clocking activities to different groups of staff

  • Impose your company’s policies and compliance inscheduling
  • Support Daily, Weekly and Flexible ClockingSchedules, complete with shifts configurations

Manage Users in Multiple & Variety Terminals Effectively

Manage users in various terminals from one screen

  • Use a variety of terminals in one system
  • Edit, delete, suspend, add, etc, users easily

Roster Group/Individual Staff Duty Effectively

Configure duty group/individual calendar easily

  • Duty Group, schedule descriptions,type of schedules
  • Preconfigured holidays throughout the year

Fingerprint Time Attendance System
Fingerprint Time Attendance System   
Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Display/Speaker Language
LCD Display: 3’’ TFT screen Multi Language, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, etc., for
Speaker: Voice Prompt (language can be selected) more than 40 languages can be selected
Technical Specifications Capacity Environment
Fingerprint capacity:3,000 Operation temperature: 0℃ ~ 45℃
Log capacity:100,000 Operation humidity: 20% ~ 80%
Verification/Identification Verification/Identification
Verification speed(1:1): ≤0.5s FRR: ≤0.01%
Identification speed(1:N): ≤1s FAR: ≤0.0001%
Power Supply Machine Size
Power: 110/220V AC-5V/2A 180(L)*125(W)*50(H)mm
Communication Attendance status
TCP/IP, USB Host/client, RS232/485 Check in, Check out, Break in, Break out, Overtime in, Overtime out
Function support Customize Function
Work code, T9 input, Scheduled bell, Webserver. Auto state, DST; log query Print function, 9 PIN user ID, ID card reader, MIFARE card reader, HID card reader, WIFI, ADMS

Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Control Access to Of your employees to certain Locations

Optionally based on a device with access control system and linked to your magnetic lock, the device can be configured to allow or disallow access to certain employees.

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